B.Ed. in English Teaching

Become an English Teacher in Israel and make a REAL difference!

Herzog College offers a 4-year program of hybrid learning, combining face-to-face teaching and distance learning, including the latest digital tools, preparing you to teach English in Israel.

Join the Herzog College B.Ed. in English Teaching

Herzog College’s Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree in English focuses on teaching English as a foreign language, including language proficiency, literature, linguistics, and innovative pedagogy techniques. It will prepare you to teach English in Israeli high schools (grades 7 – 10) and also enable you to generate extra income by teaching privately.

Why choose Herzog College?

·         Bachelor of Education degree taught in English

·         Hybrid learning & digital tools

·         Expertise in practical pedagogy

·         Friendly & supportive environment

·         Separate campuses for men & women

·         Certificate in Learning Community Facilitation

·         Guaranteed employment (public or private sector)

Entry Requirements:

To join the course, candidates are required to have reached an 80 on a 5-point Bagrut or passed SATs to show a B1 proficiency level according to the CEFR.

Learn to Teach English in Israel: Different language, different education!

For further information and to ask your questions, please contact Dina at 02-993-7337 or email bryna@herzog.ac.il

Already Have an Academic Degree?

You can retrain in just 2 years to become an English teacher in Israel at Herzog College – ask us how!

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