Resources for Jewish Education

Herzog College is Israel’s premier center for pedagogic learning, research, and teacher training. In addition to its teacher training programs, Herzog strives to provide the latest modern resources above and beyond its B.Ed. and M.Ed. degree programs.

Herzog’s online resources for teachers, parents, and students:

  • has been dubbed the Google of the Bible. The site brings Biblical texts alive for students and educators, with multi-media tools for hands-on interactive study and exploration.
  • Da’at is the web’s most comprehensive Hebrew resource for Judaism and education, with an average of 400,000 – 500,000 visitors per month.
  • Lev La’Da’at, a joint venture between Herzog College and the Israeli Education Ministry, helps teachers plan more meaningful and relevant lessons for their students.
  • Herzog’s YouTube Channel includes hundreds of online courses, divrei torah, and shiurim from distinguished lecturers on a wide variety of subjects taught at the college and the Yamei Iyun B’Tanakh.
  • MiDor L’Dor Grandparents Parsha Chat – A free weekly email Parsha sheet designed to create meaningful conversations between grandparents and grandchildren. Each week you’ll receive an email with ideas and stories intended for discussion with children in 2nd to 5th grade, but older kids will also find the topics interesting. Click here to download this week’s Parsha and sign up to receive the weekly email.

Educational enrichment programs:

  • Rimonim International Teacher Training Program – An online high-level academic program in Judaic Studies education for new and experienced teachers looking to hone their skills and bring new methods and knowledge to the classroom.
  • Yesodot, The Center for Torah and Democracy, which promotes Jewish democratic discourse and Jewish identity in the Israeli school system. Yesodot helps build bridges between the secular and religious populations of Israel.
  • Women’s Batei Midrash Programs including The Women’s Halachic Writing Program, the Bi-weekly Beit Midrash, and Otot: Advanced Talmud Learning for Haredi Women.
  • Beit midrash for Land of Israel studies.
  • Annual Yemei Iyun B’Tanakh in English, Hebrew, Spanish, and French.
  • Accelerated high school teaching certification program for individuals who already have a degree in another discipline.
  • Tour guide training program.

Visit Herzog College’s website for more information in Hebrew about these and other educational resources and opportunities.