Rimonim – English

Are you a new or experienced teacher who wants to hone your skills and bring new methods and knowledge to your classroom?

Join us for an online high-level academic program in Judaic Studies education and earn a teaching certificate for the Diaspora.*

Learn innovative techniques for 21st century Jewish education that show students how Judaism is relevant to their lives.

*Credits may be transferable to other academic institutions. 

Topics include:

  • 21st Century Methods of Teaching 
  • Contemporary Issues in Jewish Education
  • Teaching the Books of Genesis and Exodus
  • Lifecycle: Teaching Holidays and Significant Milestones in Jewish Life
  • Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language
  • History of Jerusalem

Contact Us

Hadassah Levy
Rimonim Recruiter

Tel (US): 917-909-5555
WhatsApp: +972-54-5522464

Email: rimonims@herzog.ac.il

The four-semester program includes an intensive summer semester in Israel with FREE flights and accommodations. 

Cost$12,000. Subsidized by the Israeli government – only $750!



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About Herzog Global

Herzog Global is a division within Herzog College responsible for the connection between Israel and Diaspora Jewry. It unites sub-departments in various languages (including English, Spanish and French) that operate in various countries around the world. 

Herzog Global manages academic programs in collaboration with universities and academic institutions around the world, such as international conferences, training programs for teachers in the Diaspora, joint courses, advanced professional development opportunities for educators and joint publications in various languages. 

In addition, Herzog Global works to provide a comprehensive response to a diverse audience around the world, including teachers, schools, communities, community leaders, Jewish centers, families and individuals who see the connection to Israel and Judaism as a supreme value. It prides itself on being a faithful emissary for the dissemination of the Torah of the Land of Israel in the Diaspora in general, and for the dissemination of the teachings of Herzog College in particular, in accordance with the various needs of each community.