Cancellation Policy

  1.  A request to cancel registration must be submitted in writing to the Continuing Education office. Cancellation notifications cannot be made by phone.
  2. The date for determining cancellation fees is the date when notice is received by the Continuing Education office.
  3. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Please Note!

Herzog College reserves the right to decide, at its sole discretion, whether to open and / or hold, and / or discontinue and / or postpone a particular course / study group, even though they have been offered at specific times. Such a decision can be made due to a small number of registrants and / or for academic and / or administrative and / or other reasons.

Applicants will be entitled to transfer to another course or group open to enrollment, or to receive a refund of the full amount paid for enrollment in the relevant course / group. Aside from the above, neither of the parties will have rights and / or obligations and / or additional claims in connection with this decision and / or its implementation and / or arising from the relevant registration and its cancellation.

Cancellation Guidelines

Time of Cancellation

Cancellation Fee

Up to 2 weeks before the course begins Administrative fee of 50NIS
During the 2 weeks before the course begins 10% of tuition
After the first class Prorated cost of one class + 10% of tuition
After two classes Prorated cost of two classes + 10% of tuition
After three classes Prorated cost of three classes + 10% of tuition
After four or more classes No refund