Academic Programs

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

A B.Ed. from Herzog qualifies graduates to teach in elementary and high schools. Herzog aims for both academic excellence and personal spiritual development – entrance exam scores are consistently among the highest in the country, and many students elect to combine their academic studies with yeshiva or midrasha learning. The result is that Herzog graduates are among the nation’s best trained educators, with the ability to teach a variety of topics and serve as inspiring role models in the classroom.

B.Ed. fields of study:

  • Sciences: Computer Science, Mathematics, Geography, Biology & Chemistry
  • Jewish Studies: Tanakh, Oral Law, Jewish Philosophy, Hebrew Language, Land of Israel Studies, Hebrew Literature, History
  • Humanities: Civics, Special Education, English, Media and Communications Studies

Academic recertification in education: This accelerated track retrains those who already have an academic degree to become certified high school teachers.

Click here  for more information in Hebrew about Herzog’s B.Ed. program.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

An M.Ed. from Herzog College deepens the professional and pedagogical skills of the educator, while also integrating other fields relevant to today’s educational challenges. Our graduates are well equipped to fill senior administrative positions at the school and government level.

M.Ed. fields of study:

  • Educational Adminitsration and Management
  • Jewish Education
  • Tanakh
  • Instruction of Jewish Thought and Philosophy – Discourse and Interpretation
  • Oral Law- a multidisciplinary approach
  • Mathematics Education
  • Special Education

Click here for more information in Hebrew about Herzog’s M.Ed. program.