– English language program

:As part of the Yemei Iyun, a four-day program for English speakers will be offered

    Tanakh lectures focusing on innovation and education           ד' במנחם-אב | Monday, August 5

Tanakh-in-hand tours in English         ה' במנחם-אב | Tuesday, August 6

  Yemei Iyun lectures         ו'-ז' במנחם-אב | Wednesday-Thursday, August 7-8


Tanakh-in-hand tours in English

  • On Tuesday, ה' במנחם-אב (August 6), during the week of the Yemei Iyun, there will be two special Tanakh-based tours in English. Tour numbers for registration are #8, #9. The tours will leave at 9:30 AM from the parking area near the Yeshiva in Alon Shvut. Lunch is not included on the tours. Participants in the tours can register to travel with the regular transportation to and from the Yemei Iyun.
  • Registration for all English tours is via the same system as the classes, under "סיורים".




Full cost:                                                                        Reduced Cost (On-line registration by July 21):

Full day of lectures  NIS195                                          Full day of lectures  NIS175

Tanakh-in-hand tour NIS220                                         Tanakh-in-hand tour NIS200

Youth (up to age 30):

Full cost:                                                                      Reduced Cost (On-line registration by July 21):

Full day of lectures  NIS156                                        Full day of lectures  NIS140

Tanakh-in-hand tour NIS176                                       Tanakh-in-hand tour NIS160


Information and Registration

Online registration will be open through July 29 (Tanakh-in-hand tour registration will close on July 21).

Many classes fill up and registration will close for those classes, so it is advisable to register early.

In order to allow us to prepare in advance and ensure a pleasant learning experience we request that participants register in advance and attend only the lectures that appear on their personal schedule. Classrooms are assigned and seating is provided according to the number of participants registered. Kindly help us to avoid overcrowding.

Full information regarding registration, prices, dates, cancellations, reimbursements, parking, transportation, etc. appears at the beginning of this site (in Hebrew). Please read the general information section carefully. General information does not appear in English.

Registration for the Yemei Iyun (including the English classes) is in Hebrew only.

Please be aware that signage and most resource materials are in Hebrew.



Telephone:  02-9937313

Fax: 073-2373465

Email: tanach@herzog.ac.il



Participants who are interested in ordering lunch during the Yemei Iyun should include that in their registration form, and add NIS25 to the cost of the day. Lunch vouchers will be given only to those who register in advance.

Lunch will be served in two shifts. The time for the 3rd lecture will be coordinated with lunch, and will appear in your personal schedule.