Ethics Committee

Herzog Academic College’s Ethics Committee debates requests that have been submitted by lecturers, from within and outside the college, who would like to conduct research on students or on lecturers. The committee operates according to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and the Helsinki Committee. 


For information and forms please click here (hebrew).

Members of Herzog Academic College’s Ethics Committee: 

Professor Yehuda Brandes – Head of the College

Professor Shlomo Romi – Head of Graduate School

Dr. Amos Geula – Head of Research Authority

Yehoshua Herling – Vice President of the College

Dr. Avichai Kellerman – Vice Rector and Head of Education Department

Dr. Shira Rosenberg – Head of Special Education Department

Dr. Brachi Elitzur – Head of Migdal Oz Campus (Woman)

Dr. Itamar Brenner – Academic Coordinator of M.A Programs

Dr. Yoav Barzilay – Head of Academic Administration

Dr. Motty Safrai – Department of Measurement and Evaluation

Rachel Levy – Coordinator of the Committee

For more information about the ethics committee please click here (hebrew) or contact Rachel Levy at