Objectives of the Research Authority

The purpose of the Research Authority is to lead, support and develop research activities at the College.

  • Initiate independent research projects.
  • Conduct joint research with other academic institutions.
  • Support unique research by faculty members based on research proposals.
  • Manage college funded research budget for lecturers designated for publication, translation and participation in conferences.
  • Organize academic conferences.
  • Publication of the research activities of faculty members in writing and in research conferences.
  • Creating a research infrastructure for the college staff, providing counseling and guidance.
  • Submission of applications to research funds.
  • Assistance with writing research proposals
  • Information on research funds and upcoming conferences
  • Assistance in publishing research and preparing presentations for lectures at conferences
  • Assistance in translating articles and lectures

Members of the Steering Committee of the Research Authority:

Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Brandes – Head of the College
Dr. Ezra Kahalani – Rector of the College
Dr. Amos Geula – Head of the Research Authority
Yehoshua Herling – Vice President of the College
Dr. Uzi Fuchs – Head of the Department of the Talmud