Research budget for Herzog lecturers

Research budget for Herzog lecturers:

The Herzog Academic College provides a significant budget every year to support faculty members who do research in their fields of specialty, in order to promote the research and academic publications of faculty members. The college does not receive a budget for research from the Ministry of Education or the PBC.

A lecturer who regularly teaches 75% or more is entitled to apply for reimbursement of research expenses of up to NIS 4,000 per year.

The support is approved for the sections appearing on the form: translation of articles and research proposals to English, for research assistants, participation in conference and travel expenses for international conferences.

The reimbursement is dependent on granting thanks to the college, the submission of receipts and receiving approval from the committee.

The submission or requests is parallel to the academic year and will begin on September 1 of each year and end on August 31 (the receipts submitted with the application for reimbursement, may be submitted until October 31 of each year).

The window for submitting request is broken up into three cycles. The first cycle is until February 28, the second cycle: until June 31, and third cycle: until October 31.

To apply for reimbursement on research expenses: click here (Hebrew form)

The Research Authority of Herzog College can also assist with submitting applications for support on research to other funds such as the Israel Science Foundation, the Mofet Institute, and more.

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